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Graphic Design (Online)

Graphic design is leaving its remarks all over country. Graphic designers can explore their career in the different areas representing different titles.

Instructor Hosne Ara Happy
Updated March 22, 2022


The main purpose here is to make you able to use the graphic design tools and techniques in a professional way. Graphic Design helps to build the brand identity of a company. Thus, it needs to be conceptual and unique to represent a company, brand or any kind of products or services. The module is designed to cover all aspects of Graphic Design and it is mostly helpful for a fresher who can start afresh. To know more about the module, take a look in the highlights of the module and get insights of how we are conducting the course.

What Will I Learn?

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe illustrator

Topics for this course

16 CLasses

About the instructors

Hosne Ara Happy

To build up career in challenging and rewarding position at winning organiza- tion where creativity, sincerity, skill and performance are the criteria for one’s appraisal and recognition. The situation when the huge work pressure arises is the time to prove myself best. If you are looking for me, I’m here for you.