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WordPress Development

Web developer is leaving its remarks all over country. Web developer can explore their career in the different areas representing different titles

Instructor Md. Samdany Haque
Updated February 15, 2022


Web Development consists of two segments: front end development and backend development. Front-end Developers work with visual designs of a website and build the sites using code. The front end developer builds the structure of a website using HTML, then change the layout using CSS and sometimes uses javascript too. Besides Backend developers work with more advanced issues. They work with API (Application Programming Interfaces), CGI programs and sometimes script like PHP. Websites functionality is their main concern

What Will I Learn?

  • Theme Customization
  • Plugin Customization

Topics for this course

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About the instructors

Md. Samdany Haque

Over 7+ years of experience in IT industry as a DevOps Engineer, comprising of Development, Systems Administration and Software Configuration Management (SCM). Extensive experience includes SCM, Build/Release Management, VMware and AWS Cloud computing.